Hello, I'm Naomi Saka.

From a young age we swim in the perceptual and conceptual complexity of life and relationships. I’m interested in the magic that technology can bring to this world and how it can enhance the imponderable bloom of experiences.
I believe it is the human component that makes it rich and authentic.
Wallpaper Magazine Feature
UX Designer at Bentley Motors 
2022 - now 
Master of Arts at Royal College of Arts London
2022 - Scholarship by Bentley Motors and sponsored thesis (project HERE)
Master thesis: The Bentley Spark, exhibited in the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao
Forbes Magazine Feature
Bachelor of Arts at Technische Hochschule Ohm
2020 - UX Design thesis: Bentley Light Sculptures, data art generated in realtime based on Journey data.
- host of 3D making lab
Bentley UX Design 
2018 - 2019

Developing the UX philosophy the Bentley  EXP100GT to enhance, cocoon, capture and re-live your greatest moments of the Grand Tour, as well as working on the analog digital fusions on the car.
The most intense time during my internship was sitting next to Showcar from morning to late night working on the light sequences for the modes and stages in the weeks before the launch. 
Audi DesignCheck 
Admittance to Audi Talent Pool because of additional VR project.