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Technische Hochschule Georg Simon Ohm

Game design is more than just a jump and run on a screen. The day we are born we start to play. And through playing we learn. We learn to talk, be creative, we learn about empathy and strategy, through playing we get to know our and others' limits. And since the way we learn nowadays is changing, the way we play also changes.
Analog games become overpowered by digital games. But like Pokemon Go, there are new games appearing. Games that sit inbetween of analog and digital.
This is the bridge I am interested in.

Technical insight: Touchdesigner particle system without attractor.


Project Blog

24.01.2020 - Fireflies at Design Topics

17.01.2020 - One week until the show!

Some final color and background retouches:

13.01.2020 - Play time!

The layers of music and the animations are linked to the levels.

03.01.2020 - fine tuning

To extend the length of the game the light should also avoid flying into the particles by accident.

22.12.2019 - speed tests

12.12.2019 - Sound Design with Ableton

As a child I loved playing piano.Learning Ableton made it much easier!
I will link the track layers to the levels. Thus, if you complete all levels the song will be completed too.
Can you hear the fireflies in the music?

Click here to hear the song:

11.12.2019 - work in progress

Have a look:

10.12.2019 - the Ping

Today I learned a sound design programme: Ableton!
Now a visual and audiotory feedback is given in the moment of the catch.
Here are some versions of the ping sound!

24.11.2019 - Color Change

With the depth the color is changing now.

22.11.2019 - Troubleshooting

Thinking about different concepts of interacting, I started to set up a scene connected to TouchOSC. In order I can use all parameters my phone provides for gamification.
Problem: Even using the right Port and IP and data coming into my Laptop, the data doesn't reach Touchdesigner.
For working with OSC inputs I can highly recommend the OSC Data Monitor by Kasper Kamperman - the da Vinci of Data.

18.11.2019 - Styling ...

Version 1

Version 2

09.11.2019 - Tracking Persicion

Have a look:

06.11.2019 - First Setup

After connecting the kinect and a projector my Touchdesigner comp is ready to be testet!
Next step is working on the speed and tracking precision.
Have a look:

28.10.2019 - Kinect is on its way!

My flatmate has a home cimena but mainly uses it to watch movies.
The game should turn his home cinema into a fun interactive installation.

25.10.2019 - Paperprototype

20.10.2019 - First Thoughts

Bridge analog and digital.